Where Can You Buy Philodendrons?

Philodendrons are native to tropical America, but they’re grown as indoor plants across many different climates and regions in the world.

Besides their large variety and beautiful foliage, philodendrons are loved for their adaptability and low maintenance.

Because they’re so widely distributed across the world, you can get a philodendron basically anywhere you’re located.

There are various places you can buy your philodendron plants from, and in this article, I’m going to cover some of the places that sell philodendrons. I’m also going to give you some tips on what to avoid and what to be careful with, especially when buying plants online.

Specialized Online Stores

Online plant stores are one of the places you can get philodendrons from, but also most other plants as well.

The advantage of buying from online plant stores is that they usually have a large variety of plants to choose from. Plus, they also sell potting mixes, so you can kill two birds with one stone and add that to your cart as well.

Another argument for buying philodendrons online is that they may occasionally have rare philodendron varieties in stock.

Before you go ahead and order your philodendron from a specialized store, make sure you check the store’s google reviews as well.

The disadvantage of ordering plants like this is that they can get damaged during shipping or suffer from a lack of light and water. Not all plants take well to conditions during shipping, especially if delivery takes too long.

If you do order, make sure to follow the plant care recommendations of the store following delivery, so you can nurse your plant back if it suffered damage or light and water deprivation.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups of gardeners, hobbyist plant owners or philodendron plant lovers can also be a great place to get philodendron plants.

You may find propagated philodendrons or philodendrons grown in small nurseries by people dedicated to caring for these plants either as a hobby or professionally.

Prices may be smaller compared to specialized stores, but you may also run the risk of getting a pothos plant instead of a philodendron, but this risk applies to ordering online from specialized stores as well, and not unique to Facebook groups.

As with any online delivery, there’s a risk that your plant won’t survive the trip or gets damaged during the trip.

A good tip to overcome these issues is to order from stores that are somewhat closer to your area to cut down on delivery times. Better yet, if the store has a physical presence, you can even pick up the plant yourself.

Plant Expos

Plant expos are another excellent place to buy philodendrons. You may also see rare or interesting philodendron varieties that you may not otherwise find online or elsewhere.

Plant expos may also have discounts if you buy multiple plants and you can talk to the vendors and get plant care recommendations as well.

Plus, you can physically inspect the plant and even buy mature plants, something that may not be available with online ordering because of the difficulties of delivering large-sized plants, for example.

Plant expos may also sell several plant accessories like pots, potting mixes, fertilizers, and other things needed in caring for your plant, and you can ask for professional advice and recommendations.

Amazon or Ebay

Online platforms like Amazon or Ebay are often the platform of choice for buying plants. The advantage is that you can cut delivery times with these options and you can check what other customers think about the sellers, and whether they’re reliable or not.

Often specialized online plant stores will also sell plants through Amazon or Ebay, so it’s worth checking the prices directly on their websites as well to see which offer is best.

Philodendron plants can be expensive, especially when it comes to rare varieties or variegated philodendrons, so it doesn’t hurt to compare prices and see who has the best offer.

Local Plant Nurseries

You can buy philodendrons at local plant nurseries too. Some will even deliver plants to your home, whether you’re in the area or not.

Not all nurseries will sell plants to the general public, however, so you’ll need to find retail nurseries if you want to buy philodendrons at a nursery.

Wholesale nurseries sell plants to businesses and private nurseries usually focus on the needs of private estates or institutions.

The advantage of buying from local plant nurseries is the fact that you can see the plants yourself and choose a philodendron based on size or other aspects that are important to you.

Depending on the profile of your local plant nursery, you may also find a large variety of philodendrons along with other plants that may interest you.

From Friends

Because philodendrons are so easy to propagate, you can ask around your friends or acquaintances to see if they have a philodendron they’d be willing to share a cutting from.

If you’re looking for a common variety, it’s likely that your plant-loving friends already have that plant and they’d be more than willing to set you up with a cutting or even a mature plant.

You can return the favor by offering up a plant or a cutting from your own collection, or if it’s an otherwise expensive philodendron variety that they’re sharing, you can offer to pay for it.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to buy or get a philodendron plant. And because they’re such popular plants, you’re likely to find an online stone or a local nursery selling the variety you’d like.

It’s true that some philodendrons like the variegated Philodendron Minima or the variegated Billietiae are more expensive, or that varieties like the Philodendron Hastatum Silver Sword are difficult to source, but you should have no trouble sourcing common varieties.

Don’t be shy to ask around for philodendrons from friends, coworkers, or seek out Facebook groups and plant expos to see if you can find interesting philodendron varieties to add to your collection.

Philodendrons   Updated: April 4, 2022
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